Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Water Play

I missed writing up about yesterdays  Hands On Play Challenge - Water Play.

Here´s what we got up to:

 Bath time for Little Mary Lamb.

 Thirsty work.

They had sooooo much fun.  Boo must have drank half the contents of the tubs before we finished.  We only ended as she discovered she could pick up the tub and pour out the entire contents over herself!

Croc loved the scooping and pouring.  I added two walnuts, he liked that  they floated and spent ages popping them in the funnel and trying to cause an overspill from the little container.

Sensory Box
Today's Challenge was to make a sensory box.  We´ve done animal and underwater world   sensory tub play.  This time I thought Id set out a box with smooth/rough things in it.  As I started to collect things for the box I kind of drifted from my first plan and ended up just heaping a whole range of things I had lying around the house.

The first thing they set about doing was emptying it.

Everything went on the floor around them and Croc got hold of some of the paper, pebbles, sequins and made a "present".  He then spent ages unravelling the coloured thread and kept asking me to cut it off so it would look pretty on the present.

Boo at first seemed at a loss at what to do, but she then finally settled on posting a gold star through an empty toilet roll.

They seem to play so well together with this type of play.  The same happened yesterday, no of the usual fights over who had what first and who has it now.  They happily play side by side both content with their own little game. 

The Present!

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