Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cardboard toy rocket

Ever since the giant walk-in cardboard rocket we made last year broke Croc has been asking to make another.  We haven´t come across one big enough, but then browsing around I saw a toy cardboard rocket and thought it would be a good craft to try out at home.

Its made from the central tube from cling-film, three corrugated cardboard feet and a thin cardboard cone. 

I drew the feet free hand using the first to make a template for the other two.  Then cutting a slit in the tube the same length as the top part of the feet, just slip in the feet and secure with sellotape.

Then wrap a piece of string around a pencil and measure the width of the tube, fix the pencil at the edge of the thin cardboard (a cereal box is perfect) and draw a semi-circle.  Cut out and fold into a cone, fix with tape.

The adding some red and yellow crepe paper under the tube for that extra special blast-off effect!

Once finished Croc didn´t even want to wait to paint it, he took it off to play with just as it was.

And this is what Croc got upto whilst I was trying to cut out the cone shape!
A lovely little craft in itself.

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