Monday, 7 November 2011

Giant Floor Drawing

This is the 6th day of the 30 days of hands on play challenge.  Anna @ The Imagination Tree suggested getting creative with a gaint floor doodle.

As Croc was off entertained in the living room I laid a huge roll of white parcel paper on his bedroom floor.  I asked him to come through but kept him guessing to what I´d put in his room .  He loves these little surprises! 

"Can I draw on it?" 

I asked him if I could draw round him like when we did the hand print spiders.  He liked the idea and thought it looked like a huge gingerbread man afterwards.

He and Boo then just got into doodling around the paper.  Boo kept looking over at Croc trying to copy his doodles.

She then occupied herself filling and refilling the crayon box.

Croc made stories as he drew along.  He got out his Duplo blocks and figures and my favourite moment was when Croc exclaimed: 

"The Farmer´s dropped into my giant mouth and the firemen have come to rescue her!"

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