Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 4 Play dough Challenge

Free style Playdough challenge.
Just give them the playdough, some things to use with it and let them at it.

This was a lucky one for us as just the night before Croc and I made up some new coloured playdough.

Whilst Croc was out I chose some things we had in the house and left them out for him to discover when he got back. 
Coffee beans, scented tea leaves, dried chilli, pebbles

We all sat round the table and had some super sensory fun with the playdough.  It was a bit sticky (we live in a humid area and it hadn´t dried out well) but croc loved it even more for that.  He got his hands right into and started making things.  

Boo seemed a bit wary at first, just sticking one finger at a time.  I passed her a pebble which got pressed into the middle.  She then squished and squashed with it, and of course ate a good few finger fulls.

"A prickly thing!"

At the end, Croc took out the things Id found for him pilled the bowl high with playdough and said it was a Birthday cake.  He asked for a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday.

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