Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Baby Play - Paper, Bebe jugando con Papel

I lovingly spent 15 minutes a very long time lining a small shoe box to house some of Boo´s toys and trinkets.  She however had other ideas and promptly chucked everything out and spent ages (much longer than I had putting it on) ripping it out and the tearing it into tiny pieces.  She loved it, developing those oh-so important fine motor skills.  Just think of all things she´ll need them for later:

  • Holding a pen properly
  • drawing/writing
  • doing puzzles
  • getting dressed: fastening buckles/clips/belts/buttons and tying shoe laces
  • cutting
  • turning pages properly
  • holding small objects such as coins, dice etc
  • playing musical instruments (isolating finger movements)
  • and so much more (basically all the things you do with your hands and fingers)
Ruth se paso un buen rato forrando el interior de una caja de zapatos para poner algunos juguetes y cositas apropiadas para Boo. Sin embargo, ella tenía otras ideas y pronto sacó todo y se pasó mucho tiempo rompiendo el papel y haciéndolo trocitos pequeñitos. Ella lo disfrutó a tope, usando u desarrollado las tan importantísias habilidades motrices finas. Las usará para tantas cosas en el futuro:

Sujetar un lapicero
Hacer puzzles
Cortar, doblar, pegar
Vestirse: abotonar, ajustar el cinto, los clips o atarse los cordones 
Coger objetos pequeños, como monedas o dados
Pasar páginas
Tocar instrumentos (aislando los movimientos de los dedos)
Y un largo etcétera, básicamente, todas las cosas que hacemos con las manos y los dedos.
    I didnt have the camera handy that particular day, so yesterday I put some different coloured paper in a basket and sat her down to work.
    No tenía la cámara a mano, así que otro día Ruth le puso papeles de diferentes colores en una canastilla y le dejó ponerse manos a la obra:

    First she just took all the bits out, looking at and feeling them.
    Primero sacó todos los trocityos, mirándolos y tocándolos con sus deditos.

     She set about spreading them round
    Después se dedicó a esaparcirlos alrededor con gracia.

    Then down to the fun bit - ripping!!!
    Y por fin,  hizo lo más divertido: romperlos en trocitos bien pequeños!!


    1. Oh, how old is she?? I'd love to do paper play with my 'baby' - he's 10 months - but all he'd do is eat it. Paper is one of his favorite things, but it always goes in his mouth!

    2. Hi Jaime

      She´s also 10 months. She tends to eat most things but loves tearing so much more, which is fine until she gets near the bookcase!