Monday, 13 June 2011

Black and White- Arte Blanco y Negro

I tapped together two A3 sheets, one black one white and put out one tub of black paint and one tub of white.  This is a such a simple and fun art project for children, and it adds another element to painting.  The high contrast is very visual and they are able to focus on what they are doing with the paint rather than on making colours.
Con dos cartulinas de color blanco y negro y un par de botes de pintura negra y blanca. Es un proyecto simple y divertido para que Croc se meta más en la pintura. El contraste extremo es muy agradable de ver y él se puede centrar en la figura que pinta más que en usar colores.

First with his hands.
Primero con las manos

Then with a toothbrush.
Luego con un cepillo de dientes viejo.



  1. I love those action shots! And awesome contrast - so simple to do :) Did he stick mostly to black on white and white on black?

    I shared on my FB page - thanks for playing this week at It's Playtime!

  2. Thanks for replying Jaime. I think he liked the black paint the most so he stuck to that, and quite a lot of it stuck to him as well :)