Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 4 Islands

Todays challenge comes from Jaime @ Hands on: as we grow.  The plan is simple, make some Islands and let the kids and their imaginations loose.

It´s been a lovely sunny day here but it isn´t to last so I thought Id take our Island game outside and take advantage of the sunshine.

The local playground is deserted in the morning so off we went to play.  As we arrived I started talking about the blue floor area being the sea and the green area an Island.  That was more than enough for Croc to get going.  The climbing frame became the pirate ship in shark infested waters,   Quick all aboard!

We stopped on the Island for a picnic (using the pram balnket), and scavanged food (twigs and leaves).  Croc made the dinner on the ship and then we went looking to see who might live on an Island like this, we found a small door but nobody was home!!!

And Boo?  She loved the climbing part and I couldn´t believe how she went up the rope ladder - a true pirate in the making.  I pretended to swish my hands in the water and she copied this laughing away.

We spent ages "lost" on our Island.  I loved taking this outside to the playground as, similar to the blocks, it´s somewhere I go with the children but dont always play there with them.

This challenge was the perfet warmer to the pirate weekend we´ve been planning.  Will post about our adventures this weekend.

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