Wednesday, 2 November 2011

30 Days to Hands on PLay

Two of my favourite blogs hands on: as we grow and The Imagination Tree are throwing out a 30 day play challenge.  The idea is over the next 30 days to spend at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted creative play with the kids.  They will suggest a new play idea each to try out.  I´m up for trying this for several reasons:

  1. Many a day passes when I look back and cant think what Ive done with the kids that was solely focused on them. 
  2. A big reason for starting this blog was to share and connect with other families doing creative things and having fun with their children, and this challenge is all about sharing.
  3. We´ve just got back from our hols and need a kick start getting back into our play time, so perfect timing!
Day 1: Challenge Number 1

Think and write down your goal for doing this.  Consider your kids what they like to do (or don´t!).

Here´s ours:
To do something centred around the children (Croc and Boo) everyday, focus this time on them and enjoy sharing it.  I would like use this challenge to develop and create play moments that my two children can share together (A nigh on impossible task at the moment!).

  • Loves playing with cars/tractors/diggers/service vehicles (fire engine etc)
  • Loves reading stories and retelling and making them up.
  • Loves getting messy especially outside with mud
  • Loves drawing and painting
  • Is very energetic and loves playing out
  • Loves music and sings and dances around all the time.

  • Loves walking/climbing/getting in and out of spaces
  • Loves copying her big brother
  • Loves feeling things (water running through her hands, sand or soil)
  • Loves picking and pinching with her fingers
  • Loves music and claps and dances along.
Day 2: Challenge 2

Build a Fort

This is something similar to when we did our indoor camping (which we´ve repeated on several occasions!) so I knew it would go down well.  As the challenge is to try and develop play time and with my goal of encouraging sharing play I set out some blankets and cushions on the sofa and said "Lets build a castle"

Croc was straight in with ideas
  • "Put that chair there,
  • Use that blanket for the door,
  • I´ll put the cushions down,
  • Can we have another chair?"

And Boo was straight inside!

I got out two party hats we´d brought home from a birthday party and suggested we used them as turrets, Croc´s imagination sparked off and said that they were horses ears and that the castle was now a horse and underneath was the belly which we could climb in, he even said to be careful as the horse was going to do a poo!!

 I loved this moment! He sang a made song as he wore the hats like this.

Boo was in and out, going through the "doors", sitting on the cushions and lying down.

Our first Challenge was a definate success. They both played together, it lasted well over the 15 mintues and I got involved (and inside the castle!)

Now for tomorrow...


  1. haha! Their imaginations are wonderful!

    I'm going to be keeping my eye on you this challenge - your kids sound exactly like mine, so I'm hoping to get ideas from you too! :) Off to a wonderful start!

  2. Hi Jaime

    I think our kids are similar ages - 3.5 yrs and 1 yr. We´re looking forward to this month of play, or least I am anyway ;)